About Us

Who are "FrostyFez™"? 

We are "FrostyFez™" - the world's best ice relief cap provider! At our company. we make sure we prioritize our client's safety, comfort and health - all at an affordable price!

Why are we so passionate about Headache/Fever Relief Techniques?

A viral infection's most common symptom is a fever; and we understand all too well the pain that this symptom causes. Anywhere from brain fog to being in a state of cluelessness and misery, the world has suffered from these repercussions for way too long, until FrostyFez™ came along. 

Our goal is to ERRADICATE these repercussions quickly and allow YOU to return to your state of bliss and relief. Just place your head through the FrostyFez's opening, and enjoy your pain-free life. 


Why the Penguin Logo?

At FrostyFez™, we also care about the environment, especially our endangered animals. That is why, FrostyFez™ fully supports and is an strong activist for the Galapagos Penguins who are currently labeled as "Endangered". 


Do you have any questions? Contact us through these platforms below!

Telephone Number: +1 (956) 937-2089

Physical Address: 1829 Whitewood Dr, Laredo, Texas 78045, USA

Email: frostyfezinfo@gmail.com

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday (8:30am - 6:00pm Central Standard Time)